Product pack-shot

Product packshot


Shooting & retouching

Full service.

Product photos are taken in a photo studio, which allows light to be managed in order to highlight the materials used. In addition, the lighting of the photo studio reproduces the volumes of your products in an optimal way. It is also a perfect management to avoid heavy post-production, for example using a shoot with semi-automatic cropping.

The goal is to enhance the product with photos that "stop" the customer to promote their act of purchase. This is still the primary objective of e-commerce.

We have our own digital agency to offer you a full range of services

Bulky product pack-shot

For larger products (motorcycles, cranes, etc.), we come to the site and have portable battery-powered lighting to showcase your products.

Retouching product photos

Added to this is our ability to process the entire production chain for product photos. With the retouching of the photos in our studio: cropping, adjustment of the chroma, correction of the photographed product. And this, up to editing your product photos in several formats to match the different media: High definition for editing your paper catalog, optimized format for your website and thumbnail for your e-commerce.

Packshot produit
Packshot produit
Packshot produit