Terms of sales

Terms of sales

Article 1: General
These conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer (hereinafter referred to as “you”) and the photographer – Videographer (hereinafter referred to as “VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL”), registered under the VAT number BE00828.884.103
You accept, without reservation, these conditions which form an indivisible contractual document with the offer and the price.

Article 2: Application
These general conditions apply to all offers made by Vivaldi Events and to all contracts that Vivaldi Events concludes with any principal with a view to performing services or providing products. The client, by the sole fact of signing an order form, an offer or an online contract with Vivaldi Events formally accepts these general conditions and waives its own general conditions, even if those – these are attached to one of its commercial documents and even if these exclude the general conditions of its suppliers.
Any deviation from these general conditions is only valid to the extent that it has been expressly agreed in a writing signed by an authorized signatory of Vivaldi Events and that it is expressly mentioned in the article of these general conditions to which it is waived. For contracts lasting more than one year, Vivaldi Events however reserves the right to modify these general conditions and to declare these new conditions applicable to contractual relations. The modified general conditions come into force 30 days after the notification of the modifications to the principal.
Offers All offers from Vivaldi Events are made without engagement. When an offer from Vivaldi Events is accepted by a principal, Vivaldi Events reserves the right to revoke that offer within two working days of receiving the acceptance.
Any acceptance of a price offer must be confirmed in writing; return of the signed and duly completed offer by email to info@vivaldi-events.be or by post to Vivaldi Events sprl, rue du Wainage 102, 6240 Farciennes. Acceptance of the offer is also valid when the purchase order is signed during an interview.
Any signed offer is irrevocable by the customer, unless otherwise accepted in writing by VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL by one of its managers. Any request to modify an offer, accepted by the customer, can only be taken into account if the request is made in writing and has reached VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL no later than 1 month before the scheduled date of the service. Any signed offer, not honored, for whatever reason, will be invoiced at a value of 50% of the amount thereof. The offers do not include travel costs within Belgium, nor travel and accommodation costs abroad.
In the event of an error in the price (s) when writing an offer, it will be considered null and void. A new offer will then be drawn up.

Article 3: Photographs
The photos, videos and / or reports are produced by VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL. A second photographer / videographer can be present at an event chosen by VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL without having to notify the client. VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL and its representatives have complete artistic freedom as to the shots and their quantity. The aim of any report being to avoid so-called “posed” photos / videos, VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL will be the sole judge as to whether or not said poses are carried out.
The photos / videos are processed and developed digitally, on the appropriate professional software, one by one, in order to give them a quality appearance. No in-depth retouching (eg removal of wrinkles, spots, etc.) will be done on the photos / videos, free of charge. This kind of request will involve writing a new offer and may result in additional cost to the customer.

Article 4: Your obligations
The precise schedule of the event must be provided in writing (email) to VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL, 2 weeks before the event, by the customer. Otherwise, the photographer / videographer cannot be held responsible if he cannot comply with the planned service. When performing the service, the client agrees to respect the photographer’s advice and in particular:
The presence of people from outside the event (or the organization) is accepted, insofar as it does not prevent VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL from taking pictures; the result cannot be altered.
The customer agrees to check before the date of the event, report or photo / video session that photos / videos are possible and authorized in the various places in which they will take place. VIVALDI EVENTS SPRL cannot be held responsible if filming is prohibited or limited in certain places.
The customer will pay close attention to details.